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To view our water bike videos, just click on the photo. Each water bike video will show you how safe and easy they are to assemble, dock, navigate, transport and maintain.

itBikes in Motion


Launching – Dock & Land 


Navigation and Maneuvering  


Water Bike Safety and Stability 


Pedalling Forwards and Backwards 


Design and Features of the itBike 


Transporting Your itBike 


What’s in the Box?


Assembly Instructions


Aligning the Rudder


Oiling The Gearbox (Optional)

1.  Locate the screw for the gearbox.

LOCATION OF SCREW FOR GEARBOX GREASE. For more information, view each water bike video or all our water bikes videos.

2. Unscrew greaser cap with small pliers.

 Remove grease cap from water bike frame and screw with small pliers. For more information, view the videos of our water bikes. water bike video view here.

3. Pour gear oil in slowly. Any gear oil will do.

Gear Oil For ItBkes Water Bike

4. Keep pouring while turning pedals. Screw the cup back on.

itBikes Water Bike Turn the pedals a few times to lubricate


CONTACT WENDY for INFO – CALL (514) 944-9420

 Learn all about our products here  by watching our instructional water bike videos. Each video will show you how to assemble, dock, maintain, store and transport your water bikes. Just click on the image, and the video will pop up.

Stay active, fit and have fun on the lake this year on our itBikes water bikes. Our water bikes are sturdy enough to stand on. Just step on the hull, sit on the seat, and cycle away!

Our waterbikes are very affordable, low maintainance, compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. Our hydrobike water cycles travel twice the speed of a pedal boat –  they move quickly and quietly over the water.

Because our water bikes are lightweight, safe and sturdy, they are ideal for seniors looking for another way to exercise and stay active on the water. You can either go for a leisurly ride, or increase the intensity of the workout by upping your cycling speed. The faster you pedal, the more intense the workout.

For even more information, be sure to check out each water bike video on our Youtube channel here.

Enjoy the outdoors and nature on our eco-friendly hydrobike water bikes today!