Is the itBike fast?

Yes. Just watch the video on our web site. You’ll be amazed.
If you are riding very softly, you will go several miles per hour.
Put a bit of muscle into the itBike and you can go very quickly. (Up to speeds of 5 miles per hour).

Is itBike stable?

Yes,  it is very stable.
In fact, our water bikes are more stable than a kayak.
Please watch our instructional videos on  to see how just stable our water bikes are.
This is achieved by the design of the hull that has a large, flat surface area as well as the buoyancy extenders on the sides.

Can children use itBike?

Yes, children can use our water bikes.  Of course, they should be supervision and wear life preservers at all times.
The handlebars and seats are fully adjustable, so the average 8 year olds can ride easily.
The water bike is very stable so there is no learning curve such as in 2 wheel land bikes.
Please provide constant supervision. Although it is safe,  the environment it works in can be dangerous.

Is itBike easy to carry?

Yes. it weighs approximately than 92 pounds.
The hull weighs less than 57 pounds and it is a separate unit from the bike frame module, which weighs 35 pounds.
The water bike can also be easily transported on top of your car.

Can itBike be used in waves?

Yes. We have tested the water bikes in 3-foot waves and they performed exceptionally well.
However, it is not designed to ride the surf. We recommend riding the water bike in anything lower than than 2 foot waves.
Do not ride waves onto the shore. Get off before any wave that breaks on the shore.
Also, please be cautious in rougher water and use a life preserver under these conditions.

How does itBike perform in windy weather?

The water bikes perform very well in windy weather.
In fact, the bikes works well in 25-knot winds.
However, please be extra cautious in these windy conditions.
It is often best to bike against the wind in windy weather so that you can be sure you can handle the existing wind conditions.
If you are biking into windy conditions, and you are new to the area, please ask somebody from the area about the waters. There might be currents as well as the wind. When you combine these forces, things can become a problem.
Please use a life preserver in windy weather.

Is the seat and backrest comfortable?

Yes, the seat and backrest are very comfortable.
They provide a cushioned seat developed by top bicycle designers. In fact, similar technology is used by some leading bicycle brands.
You can ride comfortably for hours on the water bikes.
Or, simply take a book, put your feet on the handlebars, and read for hours.  Yes, it’s that comfortable!

How good is the steering on the itBike?

The steering is excellent. Our water bikes turn on a dime.
The hull, rudder and steering column were designed for very fast turning.
Please watch the videos for further details.

Is itBike good exercise?

Yes, it is a great aerobic and anaerobic exercise. You can burn up to 300 calories an hour on the bike.
You can compare water bike use to bicycle riding or pedal boating (except it is twice the speed of a pedal boat).
The pedaling is great aerobic exercise. Also, the legs and stomach get a workout too.
Water treats your body much like gears do. The higher the gear, the higher the workout. The faster you push on the pedals, the higher the workout.
Water works a bit more aggressively than gears. Every 10% increase in pedaling speed give you much more than a 10% increase in exercise. This is because water does not like to move and you work extra hard for each % increase in your speed.
If you push the bike as hard as you can, your muscles will be burning. Then go for a dip in the water.
If you are doing a strong workout, bring some water with you. You will need it!

Does itBike go backwards?

Yes it goes back easily and quickly.
Going backwards can be useful when you get close to shore and want to turn around.
Also, fishermen find it quite useful in getting close to those special spots.

Is it easy to get on the itBike from the water?

Yes, it is very easy to get back on the water bike from the sea. Simply hold onto to the the bike frame from the side and get back on.

If the itBike were to be upside down in the water, is it easy to right up?

Yes, it is easy to up right from the water if it were ever to overturn. However, our water bikes are not easy to capsize.

How shallow water can I travel with my itBike?

Our water bike has a displacement of 17 inches so this sets the minimum depth of water you can travel in.

If itBike lands on shore, will the keel handle it?

Yes. We have made a very solid keel.
However, don’t sit on the bike when it is not on the water.
Don’t turn the pedals when you are on dry land.
Please treat your water bike with care. We have made it to last, and we have made it to have pride in.

Can the itBike handlebars be adjusted?

Yes. You can adjust the  handlebars with no screws.
We use a bike clasp for adjusting the handlebars

Can the itBike seat be adjusted?

Yes. You can adjust the seat easily and with no screws.
We use a bike clasp for adjusting the seating position.

Storage and Maintenance

Can I put it Bike on my car?

Yes. Isn’t that great?
Our water bike is not large and it is light.
You can use various kayak racks to put 2 hulls on the roof.
The bike frame will fit in the trunks or back seats of most cars and SUVs
The hull will fit behind the front seats of most SUVS, as the length is less than 9 feet.

Will itBike fit in sailboats and yachts?

Take apart the bike frame (in seconds) and hang the hull and the frame on the walls of the yacht or sailboat. The thickness of the hull is less than 11 inches, so it can hang without getting in the way.

How can I store the itBike at home in the city?

Take apart the bike frame (in seconds) and hang the hull and the frame on the wall of your garage.
The thickness of the hull is less than 11 inches, so it can hang without getting in the way.

Where do I put it Bike at night or when I am away from my waterfront residence?

We have thought many hours about this question and we incorporated our answers in the design of the product.
The bike frame can be taken out in seconds and placed in a safe place. Nobody can use just a hull. No tools are required.
The handlebars and the seat rests can be removed in seconds. No tools are required.
The hull can be stored where you want.

What do I do about spare parts?

Spare parts are a big issue for buyers of non-motorized beach products.
For many of you, the season is short and/or the vacation is short, and you want to have problems fixed right away.
You can e-mail info@itBikes.com to purchase parts directly from our warehouse. We will do our best to ship them out to you within 48 hours.

What maintenance is needed for the itBike?

The gears require no greasing. They are self-sealed.
The bike chain requires no tightening. We recommend greasing with synthetic grease every 2 months.
We suggest proper care of your water bike. Store inside during the winter (in cold weather). Make sure that all the water is drained from the keel.
If a part does break, replacements are easy to get, and fixes are simple.

Rinse the bike frame off daily with fresh water.
The gears require no greasing. They are self-sealed.
The bike chain, open steering wires and rudder clips require greasing once a week with synthetic grease.
You may also use WD-40 on any parts as needed.

Does itBike have a warranty?

The warranty is for 1 year on the hull and 1 year on gear box.

Safety Related Q & A

Is there a place on itBike to hook my life preserver?

Below the backrest, you can buckle a life preserver

What is the maximum weight allowed?

The safe limit is 260 pounds for the 1 person water bike and 500 pounds for the 2 person water bike.

Do I need a boat license to use the itBike?


Can a motor be put on the itBike?

If somebody uses our water bike with a motor, then the warranty will automatically become invalid.

Can the itBike be used behind a motorboat?

If somebody tries our water bike behind a motorboat, then the warranty will automatically become invalid.

Should I ride itBike at high speeds onto the beach?

Our water bike is fast. If you come into shore too quickly, with waves behind you, and the keel grounds on the beach first, as it will, you could be thrown forward into the handlebar and even over the bike.
Also, the bike has a keel and propeller mechanism that could get damaged.
Our water bikes are performance bikes, so please treat them with a professional courtesy.

Can use my own propellers on the itBike?

The bike propeller was especially designed for our water bikes. It is, we think, the optimum design and other designs might hurt the performance or safety.
Please don’t change the propeller. If you have a design that you think will work better, please contact us directly at info@itBikes.com
Please don’t put a different propeller on the bike as this will invalidate the warranty.

Where can I buy itBike?

Buy directly from us in Canada and the United States and if we have a dealer in your area, they can take your order.
We have warehouses in the United States and Canada that can ship quickly to your home or business.
Please e-mail us at info@itBikes.com and we can assist you to find an authorized dealer.
Please do not buy an itBike from an unauthorized dealer. This will invalidate the warranty.

Technology and Construction

What kind of bike frame is used on the itBike?

itBike incorporates a lightweight, all aluminum bike frame that was custom designed for application on the water.
The bike frame is very sturdy. In the photos, you can observe very solid support structures that provide a safe, solid and comfortable ride.

Does itBike come in different colors?

Yes. It comes in both yellow and blue.
However, if you are a corporate account and plan to purchase in volumes, we can make special colors and designs for you.

What is the technology used in the itBike hull construction?

itBike uses high density polyethylene to provide the user with a rugged, stable and beautifully designed hull.

Who is itCreations?

ItCreations is the company that created stye itBikes water bike.
itCreations believes that “it is possible”.

How did you get the name itBike?

One of the founders of the company was having diner with his 11 old daughter and she suggested the name itBikes. It was a different type of name, but many people liked it.

The internet age has brought some wild names that we now accept in our daily lives. If you had said to your banker 10 years ago that you were going to “Google on the WEB, and then surf around for streaming video on YouTube”, the reaction from him and his credit committee would have been interesting.
As for our not capitalizing the “i” in the itBike, and then capitalizing the B, it is possible! Our grade school teachers would have thrown a fit!
“it is possible” is the foundation for broad areas of our daily lives and we hope you like it, itBike.

Assembly Instructions


Aligning the Rudder



Oiling The Gearbox (Optional)

1) Locate the screw for the gearbox.

Water bike assembly instructions. Water bike owner manual. LOCATION OF SCREW FOR GEARBOX GREASE. All water bikes assembly instructions can be found on our videos.

2. Unscrew greaser cap with small pliers.

water bike Assembly Instructions Water bikes owner manual. Remove grease cap screw with small pliers. Our Water Bike owners manual comes in video format.

3. Pour gear oil in slowly. Any gear oil will do.

Gear Oil For ItBkes Water Bike

4. Keep pouring while turning pedals. Screw the cup back on.

itBikes Water Bike Turn the pedals a few times to lubricate