Benefits of Exercising on a Water Bike

The Benefits of Exercising on a Water Bike –

The benefits of exercising on waterbikes far outweigh those of riding on a regular land bike, exercise bike or treadmill.

Working out on a waterbike is much easier than riding a normal bike. First of all, on a water bicycle, you don’t have to balance! Riding our water bikes are very safe and stable. There are very few risks of accidents bicycling on water.

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Water bikes are ideal for exercise.

Water bikes are ideal for exercising on water without getting wet!

You can burn up to 500 calories on a water bike. If you chose to have an intense cardio workout, all you have to do is pedal faster. The water serves as your resistance. The smoother your pedal stroke, the easier the resistance is.

Also, water provides a very low impact on your knees and joints. You can choose to have a leisurely ride and still enjoy the benefits of an exercise workout.

Exercising on a water bike

Exercise fun on our water bike.

When water biking at higher speeds, you will obtain a very solid workout with much less muscle strain than on a land bike. And, you can burn fat at a much faster rate when cycling at higher speeds.


Bicycling backwards on water also helps work other muscles in your calves. If you do some “pushups” on the handlebars while you cycle, then you will also work your arm muscles as well. Or, swinging  your arms while using small weights provides a much fuller body workout.

Benefits of exercising on a water bike. Burn up to 500 calories an hour on waterbikes

Burn 500 calories on a waterbike.

Biking on water gives you the added benefit of enjoying nature up close and personal. Our water bikes turn on a dime, and travel in and out of shallow and tight spots easily – making it fun to explore the lake while exercising at the same time!

Waterbike workout in nature

Enjoy nature while exercising on your waterbike.

Riding a waterbike is much more enjoyable than exercising on a land or exercise bike or treadmill! And, you can work out with a friend on the lake and explore nature together.

Exercising together on waterbikes

Exercise with a friend on a water bike.

Water bikes are also non-polluting – making your workout environment surroundings clean and fresh – with little to no pollution.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our water bikes today – and enjoy the ride!

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